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Hi Perth Computer Repairs are a locally owned computer repair, service and maintenance shop for Windows, Linux and Apple Mac users. We have been servicing the needs of Home and Small Business for over 20 years. We can deliver a wide range of skills and we aim to be a one stop shop for all your needs and problems.

How We Can Help

Computer - Laptop Repairs

We have been repairing Desktops, Servers and Laptops for over 30 years. There is not a brand (Acer, HP, DEll, Sony, Toshiba) we have not worked on.

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Windows Servers

We  can help you setup & maintain windows servers to help you organize your business to be more efficient and more secure, helping you to get more done while saving you time and money.

  • Centrally store to easily find and share business information
  • Stay connected and up-to-date when working out of the office
  • Protect critical business information from disaster or theft
  • Share and access resources centrally (i.e. printers, business applications)
  • Run your critical business applications
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Windows 10 Specialists

We have over  30 years experience in diagnosing Windows operating systems problems , implementing solutions and  resolving issues.

Currently Windows 7 , 10 and server editions are what we deal with and some common problems we see are

  1. Driver Compatibiltiy issues.
  2. Software Compatibility.
  3. Boot Failures.
  4. Cloud Setup
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How We Can Help

Windows and Linux Networking

We can help you  ensure your network hardware  eg  modems, switches and routers is correctly configured and that all your machines are accessible on your network.

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Mac Service and Support

As well as repairing MAC’s we can help you setup your printers , make sure you have access to your network devices.

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Linux Servers

Linux as a server provides a cheap and reliable alternative for small business. It is especially beneficial where you have a specialized need. Examples area as a server for Virtual Private Networking  , File Sharing Server , Backup Servers. Most NAS storage devices are run on Linux  however building a dedicated server is often a more efficient and reliable alternative.

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How We Can Help

Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

We can provide backup solutions for home and small business. Solutions can be simple

eg backup to local Hard Drives or more complicated solutions such as Cloud or FTP backup.

Popular solutions for Windows Server are StorageCrafts Shadow Protect and RSYNC for Linux Servers.

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Custom Workstations and Servers

We can build custom workstations to your specification or if you need advise with your build we can do to.

Common builds are for Graphics Design, Video Editing.

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Computer Security

We can ensure for small business and residential that your operating system is properly patched against attack.

That you have the proper  Internet Security software running on your desktops and servers.

We can also ensure that your websites are properly configured. Most websites are built with tools such as WordPress , Joolmla or Drupal. These tools need to be properly maintained to guard against attack.

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We come to You

We offer a no callout fee for Morley WA.

Our office hours

Mo – Fr: 08:00 – 17:00

Sat        08:00 – 15:00

Remote Support

We can also provide immediate onsite remote support.

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About Perth Computer Repairs

We are an on-site computer service, repair , network support and setup specialists in the Perth Area for Home and Small Business. We are locally owned and run with over 20 years experience, NO job is too hard. We can fix your PC , Mac or Linux repair problem today.


We always try and communicate in plain English with no jargon.

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