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Perth Computer Repairs are a locally owned business who having been servicing the small business and residential market for over 20 years.

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Computer Services

Computer Repairs

PC and Laptop Repairs

We have been repairing Desktop , Server and laptops for over 20 years. We can service any computer from any manufacturer be it Dell , HP, Sony, Asus , Acer.

We can also build your new PC to your specification.

windows server

Windows Servers

We can build and setup servers for any purpose be it file servers, remote desktop servers, database servers etc. Remote desktop Servers provide a cheap method of distributing your expensive in-house software to remote locations.

linux server

Linux Servers

Linux as a server provides a cheap and reliable alternative for small business. It is especially beneficial where you have a specialized need. Examples area as a server for Virtual Private Networking  , File Sharing Server , Backup Servers. Most NAS storage devices are run on Linux  however building a dedicated server is often a more efficient and reliable alternative.

Windows and Linux Networking

We are proficient in optimising networks for all Windows systems as well as Linux where Centos is the version I prefer.

We can setup VPN’s,  Remote Access , Samba and ensure network firewalls are correctly configured.


We  have over 15 years in servicing Imacs and Macbook Pros and an in-depth knowledge of the MAC operating system.

Computer Security

We can ensure for small business and residential that your operating system is properly patched against attack.

That you have the proper  Internet Security software running on your desktops and servers.

We can also ensure that your websites are properly configured. Most websites are built with tools such as WordPress , Joolmla or Drupal. These tools need to be properly maintained to guard against attack.

Backup Solutions

Data Backup

We can provide backup solutions for home and small business. Solutions can be simple

eg backup to local Hard Drives or more complicated solutions such as Cloud or FTP backup.

Popular solutions for Windows Server are StorageCrafts Shadow Protect and RSYNC for Linux Servers.

Database Setup

Database Setup and Maintenance

From SQL Server , Firebird , MYSQL we can setup and ensure proper running of your specialised databases.

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We are open 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday. Saturday 9 am to 3pm

Locally Owned & Operated

Being West Australian owned and operated when we come on-site we will understand your needs and know how you operate.It will not be the case that a new technician comes to your site every time you have a problem.

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