Perth Computer Repairs offer Unbeatable Information Technology Services

We have been providing IT services for the home and small business in the Innaloo area for over 15 years there is not a computer problem we cannot help you with. We offer a no callout fee for homes and small business in the Innaloo area.


We specialise in the following but are familiar with many aspects of modern technology.

computer repairs Innaloo

Computer Laptop Repairs Innaloo WA

We have been repairing Desktop , Server and laptops for over 20 years. We can service any computer from any manufacturer be it Dell , HP, Sony, Asus , Acer.

windows server Innaloo


We build hardware for Windows Servers and can setup your server as a file server , backup server ,  remote Desktop or specialized application server.

backup solutions Innaloo

Backup Solutions Innaloo WA

We can provide backup solutions for home and small business. Solutions can be simple

eg backup to local Hard Drives or more complicated solutions such as Cloud or FTP backup.

Popular solutions for Windows Server are StorageCrafts Shadow Protect and RSYNC for Linux Servers.

databases sql mysql firebird

Database Setup Innaloo WA

From SQL Server , Firebird , MYSQL we can setup and ensure proper running of your specialised databases.

computer networks Innaloo

Windows and Linux networking Innaloo WA

We are proficient in optimising networks for all Windows systems as well as Linux where Centos is the version I prefer.

We can setup VPN’s,  Remote Access , Samba and ensure network firewalls are correctly configured.

linux server Innaloo


If you need a cheap workhorse server which requires low maintenance and can run on low powered hardware then Linux is a must. Good for File Servers, Backups and VPN.

mac Innaloo

Mac Support & repair Innaloo WA

We have over 20 years experience in servicing MAC hardware and software and have worked on all Apple MACs from Imacs to MacBook Pros.

web server pc security

Computer Security Innaloo WA

From ensuring the correct Internet Security for your desktops to the correct configuration of firewalls and UPnP to ensuring website security we have got you covered.



We have over 30 years experience

Does not matter how old your system we have the experience to cover systems from the present to the past.

Locally Owned and Operated

What this means is that our team will know your business and systems and you get to deal the same person every time.

No Call Out Fee for Innaloo WA
We speak your Language


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