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Laptops are far more prone to failure than desktop PC's and this is mainly due to the constraints on space imposed by the laptop form factor. The electronic circuits of the laptop motherboard are much finer grained and also occupy both sides of a laptop motherboard and in addition the components soldered/attached to both sides of the motherboard are smaller eg RAM, capacitors , mosfets etc.

These factors plus the fact the board is tightly enclosed mean laptops are far more sensitive to heat fluctuations and power fluctuations than desktop computers. Unfortunately laptop manufacturers do not place more emphasis on cooling laptops and providing well filtered power at the lower priced end of the laptop market.

The most common repairs I find with laptops are overheating and power problems. We have over 20 years experience in repairing laptops of all makes and models including HP, Dell, Toshiba, Sony , Asus , Acer.

Laptop Repairs Perth

Laptop doesn't turn on at all

Laptop turns on and off repeatedly

A laptop that suddenly shuts off or has difficulty starting is most likely due to;
  • a failed Power Adapter
  • the hard drive may have failed and that your notebook is hanging on the hard disk initialising
  • The motherboard has failed
If the operating system or other software is constantly rebooting this is usually due to a blue screen error under windows. This is most often caused by computer viruses and buggy device drivers

Laptop power Jack is broken or pushed in


It is usually not a problem to replace or refit the jack however some manufacturers still solder the power jack onto the motherboard. The desoldering and resoldering of the jack is problematic. This is a common problem for laptops. Often the laptop is cooled by only one fan which draws from the bottom of the laptop and then blown onto heatsink fins to cool the laptop however if the surface you are working is dusty then the dust can build up clogging the flow of air. It is always a good idea to work on clean surfaces and elevate the f the laptop. The graphics chips on laptop motherboards are frequently not properly cooled causing these chips to burn out and kill the notebook. If the CPU overheats if will cause the machine to slow down and eventually switch off

Liquid Spillages

Laptop shuts down or freezes while in use

The best thing to do when you spill liquid is on your laptop NOT TO SWITCH IT ON water on it' own will not kill a notebook but the combination of water and power will. Freezing or unresponsive laptops are usually due insufficient memory , failing hard drives or overheating.

Cracked Laptop Screens

Laptop runs Slowly

We can fit replacement laptop screens and ususally have a broad range of secondhand screens on hand. If your laptop or notebook is slower than normal this could be due to failing hard drive or your PC needs some maintenance.

Slow Internet

Nearly all laptops will rely on a wireless connection to your Internt router and could indciate a poor signal, a failed router or spyware running on your laptop.

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