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Computer Repairs Perth - dig-IT

Computer Repairs , Service , Networks & Support Tuart Hill WA

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We have over 20 years in solving computer , network and server problems we can provide an onsite computer service or perform remote computer support to get you up and running in no time at all.

No Call Out Fee Computer Repairs in Tuart Hill WA

We can repair hardware on any personal computer be it HP, Dell , Compaq , Asus , Acer or any brand. We also have extensive experience in the repair of Imacs With over 20 years experience in the operating systems of Windows , MAC and Linux we can repair the toughest problems such as Blue Screens of Death , the mac spinning wheel of death and the dreaded kernel panic of a linux OS.

No Call Out Fee Laptop Repairs in Tuart Hill WA

We have extensive experience in the repair of Acer, Dell, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Samsung , MacBook Pro , Macbook Air and Sony laptops. Our Services range from repairing failing fans, replacing cracked or broken screens to complete motherboard replacement.

No Call Out Fee Computer Setup and Service of Windows MAC Linux in Tuart Hill WA

We have over 20 years experience in the service of PC, Desktop, Laptop & Notebook computers and we can also setup and service Windows or Linux Servers to perform the following tasks Remote Desktop Servers , VPN Servers , Database Servers, File Servers or whatever you need.

No Call Out Fee Computer Support in Tuart Hill WA for Windows MAC Linux

If you need computer support this can be done onsite or via remote connection.

No Call Out Fee Computer Networks in Tuart Hill WA

dig-IT will setup and maintain your computer networks , network routers, firewalls & servers. We can also ensure your computer networks are running optimally.

Here at dig-IT we can help with just about any computer issue you may have but these are the sorts of things we do regularly
  • Setup Linux Servers
  • Help with Web Hosting & Design
  • Provide Remote Support
  • Diagnose and Fix Network Problems
  • Computer Runs Slow
  • Repair Blue Screens
  • Constant Reboots
  • Repair computer shutdowns
  • Setup Backup Systems

We specialise in perth computer repairs and IT support in western australia, we have over 20 years working computer repairs in perth western australia . We are also specialise in data recovery es in perth and can accept hard drives for repair anywhere in western australia. If you need mobile computer support or services in perth we can be there the same day. it We can also provide hand built computers with extended warranties.