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Perth Computer Repairs

Hi Perth Computer Repairs are a locally owned computer repair, service and maintenance shop for Windows, Linux and Apple Mac users. We have been servicing the needs of Home and Small Business in the East Perth area in WA for over 20 years. We can deliver a wide range of skills and we aim to be a one stop shop for all your needs and problems.


Computer Repair Services in East Perth

Computer Repairs East Perth

Computer and Laptop Repairs East Perth

We have been repairing Desktop , Server and laptops for over 20 years. We can service any computer from any manufacturer be it Dell , HP, Sony, Asus , Acer. Common Problems we repair

The Computer Won’t Start
The Screen is Blank
Abnormally Functioning Operating System or Software
Windows Won’t Boot
The Screen is Frozen
Computer is Slow
Strange Noises

windows server East Perth

Windows Servers East Perth

We can build and setup servers for any purpose be it file servers, remote desktop servers, database servers etc. Remote desktop Servers provide a cheap method of distributing your expensive in-house software to remote locations.

Windows PC repairs East Perth

Windows PC Repairs East Perth

We have over  30 years experience in diagnosing Windows operating systems problems , implementing solutions and  resolving issues.

Currently Windows 7 , 10 and server editions are what we deal with and some common problems we see are

  • Update Problems
  • Startup Repair Loop
  • Runs Too Slow
  • Driver Problems



 Internet  repairs East Perth

NBN WI-FI Networks East Perth

We are proficient in optimising networks for all Windows systems as well as Linux where Centos is the version I prefer.

Common problems we see are;

Slow NBN speeds
WI-FI dropouts
High Bandwidth Usage

Apple MAC Repairs East Perth

Imac Macbook Repairs SERVICE & SUPPORT East Perth

We  have over 15 years experience in the repair , support and service of Imacs and Macbook Pros and an in-depth knowledge of the MAC operating system.

  • Picture of file showing on the screen.
  • Spinning wheel of death
  • Hard drive replacement and recovery
  • MAC running slow 
  • SSD drive replacement 
  • Damaged Screen.
  • Damaged Trackpad and/or Keyboard.
  • Power Button not worKing
  • Failed Sync between MAC and iPhone.
  • Liquid Spill/Water Damage.
linux server East Perth

Linux Servers East Perth

Linux as a server provides a cheap and reliable alternative for small business. It is especially beneficial where you have a specialized need. Examples area as a server for Virtual Private Networking  , File Sharing Server , Backup Servers. Most NAS storage devices are run on Linux  however building a dedicated server is often a more efficient and reliable alternative.

Backup Solutions East Perth

Data Backup East Perth WA

We can provide backup solutions for home and small business. Solutions can be simple

eg backup to local Hard Drives or more complicated solutions such as Cloud or FTP backup.

Popular solutions for Windows Server are StorageCrafts Shadow Protect and RSYNC for Linux Servers.

Custom PC East Perth

Custom Workstations East Perth

We have extensive experience in building high end workstations and custom serer builds. We can also help you upgrade your existing builds eg improve RAID solutions.

Virus  East Perth

Computer Security East Perth

We can ensure for small business and residential that your operating system is properly patched against attack.

That you have the proper  Internet Security software running on your desktops and servers.

We can also ensure that your websites are properly configured. Most websites are built with tools such as WordPress , Joolmla or Drupal. These tools need to be properly maintained to guard against attack.

We come to You

We offer a no callout fee for East Perth WA.

Our office hours

Mo – Fr: 08:00 – 17:00

Sat        08:00 – 15:00

Remote Support

We can also provide immediate onsite remote support.



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PC Checkup

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Mac SSD Upgrade or Replacement

Today I want to talk about the upgrade paths available for for Macbooks , Macbook Pros and Macbook Air notebooks and the steps involved in performing these upgrades. This guide is also applicable if your Mac SSD or Hard Drive is failing and requires replacement.Macbook & Macbook Pros Non- Retina  2012 & earlier These machines use a...

Windows 11 Hardware Requirements

Microsoft billed Windows 10 as the last version of Windows and be a universal operating system that would run on all windows devices eg Xbox , Surface Pro . Microsoft Phone etc. The  goal of the same version of Windows running on almost all  devices has  not had the results that Microsoft was hoping for. With 10 being used across pc', tablets ,...