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Windows PC Repairs 

Perth Computer Repairs have over 20 years experience in repairing , servicing and supporting the various flavours of the Windows  operating system.  We are experienced with Microsoft DOS , Windows 95 , 98 , XP, Vista , Windows 7 and 10.

PC Repairs Perth

To this day we still receive requests to maintain Windows 98 or DOS , with the former we have built Virtual Machines on modern hardware to keep legacy applications working. Windows 10 presents users a whole new range of problems, top of the list would be Windows Update and it’s ability to disable drivers, networking and printing.  Microsofts focus on  security , constant patching and enforcing updates  has created a User Experience which is a source of constant frustation.

We offer a free diagnosis and quote service with no hidden fees.  With are depth of experience we know how long a job  should take so are quotations are result driven and not based on the amount  of time taken should unforseen problems occur. We also guarantee our work so that should something go wrong we will fix it promptly and free.  Should we replace any parts on your computer we can offer the manufacturers warranty.

Windows PC Repairs Perth

Any Windows PC will slow down over time. and their are many factors which can cause  a windows PC to become sluggish. It’s good practice that you maintain your windows pc regularly as this will prevent  any future catastrophic windows pc repairs.. We offer a fixed price windows PC checkup which cover the following areas. Windows PC repair Checklist

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Common Windows 10 Problems

  • Windows Update Failures.
  • Driver Issues
  • Networking problems – common for a windows update to disable windows shares.
  • Print Issues – again can disable printing.
  • Startup Loop problem
  • Graphics screen flicker 

Things we can Fix

  • Windows Not booting .
  • Windows Blue Screens
  • Hard drive replacement and recovery
  • PC running slow needing Memory Upgrade.
  • SSD drive replacement and recovery
  • Power Button not worrkng
  • Liquid Spill/Water Damage.
Windows 10 Repair



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