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At our computer repair, service and maintenance shop, we pride ourselves in providing top-notch technical support to Windows, Linux and Apple Mac users. We can diagnose and resolve a wide range of hardware and software issues including virus removal,  system upgrades, network configuration and more. We understand the importance of your computer to your daily life or business operations which is why we offer fast turnaround times for repairs so that you can get back up and running as soon as possible. Whether you need a one-time fix or regular maintenance services, we have flexible pricing options that cater to all budgets. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service by ensuring that every client receives personalized attention from start to finish.

Services in Perth

Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs

For over 20 years, we have specialized in computer repair services for desktops and servers. We are proficient in all makes, including Dell, HP, Sony, Asus, and Acer. Additionally, we repair computers with black screens, most often caused by graphic problems. The OS is often not booting properly or the computer is running slow.

laptop repairs

Laptop Repairs

The laptops we repair include Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Sony. Since laptops have an enclosed space and need to dissipate heat from CPUs and GPUs, they are more likely to overheat than most other devices. Power problems are more common than motherboard failures, which are typically the result of battery failures. Motherboard failures are also more common due to power circuitry problems.

windows pc repairs

Windows PC Repairs

Our team has been diagnosing Windows PC operating system issues, implementing solutions, and resolving them for over 30 years. The most common PC repairs occur after updates to Windows 7, ten, eleven, and server editions. A common PC issue is the Startup Repair Loop. We also repair PCs that run too slowly and have problems with network, print, and startup issues.

Computer Networks

Computer Networks

The reason your internet is slow may not be the modem itself. For example, if there are too many apps requesting internet access at the same time, this may make your apps lag or experience a higher level of latency. Having a lot of Wi-Fi users at the same time can also cause slow internet. Additionally, WI-FI dead zones may cause slow internet, which can be resolved using Ethernet over power.

 MAC Repairs

Apple Mac Repairs

The Perth area has been home to us for over 15 years for Imac and Macbook Pro repair, support, and service. In some cases, a picture or file appears on the screen at startup, and the spinning wheel of death occurs when resources, like RAM and CPU, are maxed out. We can replace hard drive or SSD drive , repair  damageds creens and Trackpad.

linux server

Linux Repairs and Service

Linux offers many advantages over windows, including its cost-effectiveness and reliability. A dedicated server is ideal when you have specific needs. Using Virtual Private Networking, we have built file sharing, backup, and remote access servers. Although NAS storage devices run on Linux, a dedicated server is often a more efficient, reliable alternative to NAS devices.
If you think your computer is infected with a virus, we can help.

When you turn on your computer, you may notice frequent pop-up windows, changes to your homepage, or unknown programs starting. The chances are that your computer has been infected and needs to be cleaned. As Windows 10 is a secure operating system, attacks usually occur on its applications.

The most common method of spreading viruses on a computer is through phishing emails. These emails will ask you to open attachments or click on links to spread a virus. In addition to avoiding attachments such as compressed files, word documents, or pdf files, you should also avoid clicking on links in these emails. Web browser attacks

Attackers often exploit vulnerabilities in legitimate websites’ software to initiate drive-by downloads, which are malicious downloads that occur without the user’s knowledge.

Need Apple Mac repairs? We’ve got you covered

Having been repairing Macbook Airs, Macbook Pros, and Imac computers for over a decade, we understand that people are fussy and want the best care for their computers. In addition to upgrading the drive to a SSD and upgrading a low capacity SSD to a larger capacity SSD, we can also repair the battery on any mac. We are also able to assist with water damage.

If you need remote support in Perth, we are available

If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone, it is usually just a matter of going over things and speaking plainly.

A computer service may be necessary if your computer is running slowly.

Your hard drive does not have to be replaced. It is not always necessary to replace a slow running PC. Regular maintenance will keep you productive and ensure your data is safe. You will not have to wait for your computer to start and you will be able to sleep better knowing it will not fail.

If your old computer cannot be repaired, we can build a custom workstation for you.

The old tech should be kept running, but replacing it is usually more cost-effective than repairing it. We have been building computers for Perth users for over 20 years. Whether you are looking for a high-end workstation to do 3D graphics, video editing, or gaming, we can help.

Is your computer network having problems?

Experiencing slow Internet connection? Don’t solely blame the speed, as there could be various factors at play. For those using WI-FI, consider installing repeaters for a stronger signal. In larger spaces, Ethernet over power circuits may be worth considering. It’s also worth checking if someone on your network is consuming excessive data, which can affect bandwidth. Enhancing your network with bridges and switches, along with optimizing and minimizing resource-heavy applications can help improve your overall connection.

Are you in need of an onsite Computer Technician?

You should call Perth Computer Repairs as your computer technician in Perth when you have any type of computer problem, any kind of problem at all. You can count on us to fix hardware and software problems on your computer, regardless of whether you’re using a DOS or Windows 98 computer or something equally out-of-date.

Perth computer repair & clean up services

You can maintain your computer on your own if you have the time and are capable of doing so. You won’t have problems that would otherwise affect your system if you hire our computer cleaning service. If you need assistance with your computer, we’re here to help.





computer technician

Computer Technician

We can be onsite and help you install and maintain computer networks for both hardware and software, configuration of new systems, updating software packages, creating and maintaining computer servers, diagnosing and resolving IT problems. As well as excellent troubleshooting skills, we have excellent knowledge of security principles and data privacy principles, as well as excellent communication skills to work with clients, users, and management.
apple mac battery replacement

Mac Battery Replacement

There are various signs that your Mac battery is failing Mac batteries will continue to hold a charge for about 1,000 charging cycles, and a single charging cycle happens when your battery is fully charged and then drained to empty before charging again. There can be occasions when your mac battery can run out of power or fail to charge. Our team can replace your mac battery in no time at all.

laptop screen replacement

Laptop Screen Replacement

If you have cracked or broken your Laptop LCD screen, or if you Laptop screen has another problem, we can replace it with a new one in 2-4 hours  We provide low cost Laptop screen replacement.
Backup Solutions

Data Backup

We can provide backup solutions for home and small business. Solutions can be simple eg backup to local Hard Drives or more complicated solutions such as Cloud or FTP backup. Popular solutions for Windows Server are StorageCrafts Shadow Protect and RSYNC for Linux Servers.
Custom PC Ascot

Custom Workstations

We have extensive experience in building high end workstations and custom serer builds. We can also help you upgrade your existing builds eg improve RAID solutions.
Virus Removal

Virus Removal

We can ensure for small business and residential that your operating system is properly patched against attack. That you have the proper  Internet Security software running on your desktops and servers. We can also ensure that your websites are properly configured. Most websites are built with tools such as WordPress , Joolmla or Drupal. These tools need to be properly maintained to guard against attac

What our Clients Say

Daniel G
Daniel G
Digby was a great help fixing a number of mistakes (and the effects of the same) I had unwittingly made with permissions on my laptop and communication between external drives. Would highly recommend!
Pancho Villa
Pancho Villa
I had my sons MAC book repaired by Digby. Digby was very thorough and professional in his approach and communication. He quoted a fair price and undertook the repairs on time. I would highly recommend.
Andrew Bruce
Andrew Bruce
Digby provided a high quality service in uograge my computer after backing up and reinstalling my data, folders and files. He met his time and cost quotes and the machine is fully up and operational. I cannot praise digby'd service too highly.
Inez McQuillin
Inez McQuillin
Thanks for the excellent service
Almas Nurlybekuly
Almas Nurlybekuly
Hi All, I do not usually write the reviews, but this time I would like to thank Perth Computer Repairs for the provided service. I bought computer from my previous employer and I wanted to do a fresh installation of Windows. I tried to do it myself at first, but could not re-install the windows due to the security an error which said: "There is an error. Cannot connect the Windows Server while booting." Then, quickly looked at the highest rated computer repair service near me. Called them, got the good repair cost. Dropped computer and got it fixed quickly. The owner is very laid back and nice person. Very competitive price and very quality service. Definitely a place to trust. Currently, enjoying my fresh Windows install. Thank you very much!
Greg Reid
Greg Reid
I tell you if you want honest service, no bull call Digby, he's your man.
Virginie Chetty
Virginie Chetty
Digby sourced and setup my new laptop exactly to my needs so that I can remotely access my work computer.
Dianne Casella
Dianne Casella
Digby was efficient, thorough and very helpful in moving me forward with my computer concerns. I am very grateful to have been able to utilise Perth Computer Repairs.
Eric Brain
Eric Brain
Good value repair of my son's pc. Would recommend.
Gwyn annika1@y7mail.com
This man is so patient - me being somewhat of an older generation and not tech savvy - he helped navigate through a printer problem and certainly recommend him to anyone with computer issues!

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