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Linux Repairs and Service

Hi Perth Computer Repairs have been building and servicing Linux servers and desktops for over 15 years.



When it comes to selecting the most stable Linux distribution, Debian and Ubuntu seem to be leading the pack. As a Debian fork, Ubuntu inherits all of its strengths while also adding some new features that make it more versatile for users. Mint is another popular choice among Linux enthusiasts despite being a fork-of-a-fork-of-a-fork. Its strong community support and user-friendly interface compensate for this slight drawback. In addition, CentOS (for servers) and Fedora (for software development) are both highly recommended by many experts in the field due to their stability, support, repositories and longevity factors. Personally speaking though, I prefer using Ubuntu’s LTS version as it meets all my criteria- being common yet well-supported with frequent updates; plus Teamviewer works best on Debian/Ubuntu RedHat/Fedora/Suse/CentOS according to its website making them an ideal choice too! Overall when choosing a Linux distro one should consider important factors such as good repositories, frequency of updates & how widely used they are so they will remain around for awhile which is why these top five choices may be worth considering before taking any final decision!

Linux Repairs and Service

One of the great features about Linux distributions is the fact that the core of Linux is just one big program called the kernel. Over time with any Linux distribution be it Ubuntu, Centos or  Redhat the Kernel will get updated but the previous kernels are accessible via the bootloader program used commonly GRUB.

A common Linux  repair is servicing Linux after an update has caused a module to fail and booting to a previous kernel gets the machine up and running.


linux repairs

This gives me the time I need to diagnose and repair update problems.  Linux can also boot into a single user mode without mounting any of the hard drives should a corrupt file system be the problem.

Custom Linux Builds

We have built and maintained Linux Servers for various business grade servers for various purposes the most common being .


Email Servers

where the confidentiality of your business information is paramount.

File Servers

– providing general purpose file sharing  for business users.

Backup Servers

– easy and convenient backup using RSYNC.

Linux Workstation

In addition to Linux Servers we have built custom Linux workstations for decrypting encrypted hard drives, machine learning using Python.

Linux Server
VPN Servers

allowing  secure remote access to business data for remote users.

Virtualisation Servers

– Proxmox is a virtualization environment which allows to build and run multiple servers/workstations on the same hardware. Allowing  such thins file /media sharing, video capture, home automation on the same hardware.

Advantages of Linux

First and foremost Linux is free.  Easily customizable to create a for a machine for a specific purpose. Most people will have used a machine which uses Linux examples are Computer Modems, Surveillance Recorders, Surveillance Cameras and even your phone.

Additionally Linux because of it’s use over 30 years has been well hardened against security vulnerabilities.



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