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Perth Computer Repairs  in repairing , servicing and supporting the Imac computers in the Perth area for over 20 years.

Imac Repairs

If you’re experiencing sluggish performance on your iMac, it’s high time to consider upgrading to an SSD drive. These drives offer significantly greater speed and reliability compared to traditional spinning hard drives. When it comes to improving your iMac’s performance, nothing beats an iMac SSD upgrade among other available options. Moreover, advancements in technology and increased production have made SSD drives more affordable than ever before. In addition, if you’re dealing with a failed or unreliable hard drive in your iMac, opting for an iMac SSD upgrade is undoubtedly the best solution for replacement.
The modern Imac Retina is particularly hard to work on. To be able to access the logic board , drives and RAM you have to cut away the double sided tape that holds the display glass , which is quite fragile , to the aluminum frame. Once inside MAC uses a Fusion drive technology which splits the boot and data volumes. The boot volume is a small SSD and prone to failure but is absolutely essential if you want to recover data from the system.

Here are some common Imac repairs steps :

1)Reset the SMC

2) Reset the NVRAM/PRAM

3)Reboot in Safe Mode.

4) Look for with high CPU usage in Activity Monitor t.

5) Boot to recovery mode and perform a File System Check

Imac Repairs

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Imac Repairs
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