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You will hear a lot of IT consultants talking about the importance of backups and that a Cloud Backup is the best of all possible solutions. And while this may be true it is equally important to understand how your backup solutions will get you backup and working should the worst occur.

Lets say for example you are still running Windows Server 2008 which acts as a Domain Controller, File Server and we will throw in that it acts as a Remote Desktop Server which delivers your critical business applications. This could be CRM software , specialized accounting and inventory software for your particular industry.

Disaster Recovery

Have you asked yourself what is your Disaster Recovery Plan should the worst occur, have you got a Backup Solution with tools to allow you restore your latest backup to new hardware. Your solution not only needs to image the drives onto your new hardware it needs to be able have drivers slipstreamed to read those drives , these more often than not will need to be RAID drivers
The one solution I believe is the best in the marketplace is ShadowCraft’s Shadow Protect backup software. It will capably perform automated backups of your critical drives but also provides USB or DVD bootable tools which will re-image their backups. . If you are thinking but I use a Linux Server that is alright ShadowProtect has got you covered.
Their Recovery tools comes in 2 flavours one as a Windows PE executable which needs to be constructed on your existing servers hardware or a standalone Linux bootable solution. I have used these tools to reimage a Windows Server to its original state and had those companies up and running in a couple of days after their existing hardware had failed.
Shadow Recovery Environment Tool Guide

Disaster Recovery Plan

I cannot stress the point enough that was only possible by having a having a Disaster Recovery Plan in place. With our above example of a Windows Server 2008 server it would be necessary to be able to acquire the necessary hardware quickly and the motherboards and Raid controllers would need to have Windows 2008 drivers available.
Any Disaster Recovery Plan would also need to cover your future needs and in our example above Windows Server 2008 is scheduled for retirement in 2020. How would a current Disaster Recovery solution cover this case when hardware for Windows Server 2008 is no longer available , well Shadow Protect also provides tools to convert your backups into VMDK or VHD images which could run on top of Windows 2012 or 2016 Hypervisor Servers thus eliminating any future hardware dependencies.
Shadow Protect Image Conversion Tool Guide
This feature would also allow you to move your crtitcal business software to the Cloud eliminating the need to maintain server hardware.



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