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Liquid Cooling

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Liquid Cooling

A  liquid cooling system uses  distilled water to transfer heat ,via a pump,  from the CPU, GPU (graphics processing unit), and other computer components to a coolant.

Through tubes in the computer case, water is pumped to remove heat from the CPU, the heat is then transferred to a radiator,  fans on the radiator cool the heated water, which is then recirculated throughout the system.

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Gamers Benefit From Watercooling

As water has a high heat capacity, it can absorb a lot of heat before it starts feeling hot, which makes it highly efficient at cooling computers. For one kg of water to increase by one degree Celsius, it must absorb 4,184 Joules of heat. Gaming consumes a lot of resources, and standard air cooling systems do not usually suffice to keep your system cool.

Installing a watercooling system will prevent your PC from randomly shutting down due to overheating. An overheating CPU causes a variety of performance issues, such as lagging and sluggish gaming performance.

When your computer seems to be operating slowly, check your CPU usage in Task Manager or Resource Monitor in Windows. You can also check the CPU temperature in your BIOS or UEFI settings.

The PC  BIOS, will display the CPU  Core Temp and on gaming boards can display the rpm. If your CPU is overworked or overheating, consider switching to liquid cooling.

Depending on the setup and usage, liquid cooling is around 2.5 times more efficient than air cooling. It also retains heat four times better than air.

Liquid cooling is also quite silent, especially if you use a lot of resources, causing the fans to work hard. Air cooling can be quite noisy, especially when you use a lot of resources.

The best way to reduce noise levels when gaming is to use larger fans. Small fans have to work harder, which is why they tend to be loud.

Installing a liquid cooling system first is highly recommended if you plan on overclocking your CPU. Overclocking involves modifying your CPU’s internal clock (cycle frequency) to make it work faster than it was originally designed to. Overclocking improves gaming performance, but it also increases the risk that your CPU will overheat.




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