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Laptop WIFI Repairs

Perth Computer Repairs  have been repairing  laptop WIFI problems in the Perth area for over 20 years.

Cannot Connect to Internet

Incorrect WIFI driver

It’s possible that the WIFI driver installed by Windows or Windows update


Weak signal 2.4ghz , longer range than 5g

Most routers these days are dual band and will operate at  2.4ghz and 5ghz. While the 5ghz is faster and has greater bandwidth but it’s signal strength at distance is more prone to weaken as compared to 2.4ghz


Wifi switched off

Your might be in flight mode, have a physical switch or key , or misconfigured driver.

Laptop Battery repair

Slow Internet

Too many users  using WIFI

The total WI-FI bandwith is shared amongst all of the people  using it and so the effective speed of all users can be affected by one user who is downloading or streaming. There are settings in modern routers which can contain the amount of bandwidth used by any particular application.

Too many apps connecting to Internet

Your laptop can become sluggish if you are running too many processes accessing the internet , common examples are conferencing apps ZOOM, TEAMS remote access TEAMVIEWER , backup apps eg onedrive. Often these programs are being run automatically at startup

Using a VPN will slow down internet

Virtual Private Networks are often used in the attempt to preserve anonymity however the extra time taken to get to these servers and for them to obfuscate your IP  address has an affect,

Laptop Battery repair
Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs

Slow computer and laptop Repairs.

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laptop repairs

Laptop Repairs

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Laptop not booting


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PC Repairs

windows updates problems.

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