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Mac OS Install

There are many reasons why you may want to do a clean install of your MAC OS the following are the most common.

Clean install when you’re selling your Mac

If you plan to sell your Mac  you want to ensure your data is not accessible. Macs tend hold their value and so it is often possible to resell them years after you bought them.

When you reinstall the OS, you can delete your storage drive so the next person won’t be able to access your old files. This is the easiest method for wiping out your own configuration.

Downgrade macOS

Most of the time, upgrading to macOS’ latest version is a painless process. It grants access to new features, as well as improved performance.

Perhaps the latest version of macOS affected your workflow, or maybe it just didn’t run well on your older machine. If that’s the case, downgrading macOS might be the solution.

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Problems with Your Mac

Many people reinstall macOS because their system is completely messed up. Error messages appear frequently, software won’t run correctly, and other issues prevent you from working normally.

Fix a Slow Mac

It may be possible to speed up your system with a clean install. This is especially the case if your Mac is approaching a decade of age. If you do have an old Mac, follow these tips for making it feel like new beyond reinstalling the OS.

Installing a clean copy of a Mac OS

Will take you into Recovery Mode and allow you to install the Mac OS that originally came with your Apple Mac device.

CMD OPTION R takes you into Internet Recovery Mode and allows you install the latest supported MAC OS.


For example the Macbook Pro A1706 originally came with High Sierra and the latest supported OS is Monterey.

You may also need to install a Mac OS that is later than the latest supported OS , this is increasingly required when you need the latest Chrome browser to render web pages and apps correctly.  This is frequently a problem with large sites like shopify.


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