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Computer Networks – Networking

Networking has become an essential aspect of our modern-day lives, allowing us to connect with others and share information seamlessly. Setting up a home network can provide numerous benefits, especially when it comes to sharing printers, internet connection and files between multiple computers. With the right tools and equipment, you can easily establish a network that enables communication between devices within your household. This means that you can effortlessly print documents from any computer in the house or stream music and movies on multiple screens simultaneously. Additionally, networking allows for easy file-sharing without having to transfer them manually via USB drives or other storage media. By setting up your home network effectively, you can create a more efficient work environment while also enhancing entertainment options for everyone in your household.


Cat 5 , Cat 5 e and Cat 6 are all cabling standards for twisted pair wire copper and will be find in all networks. It’s important that the cabling matches the transmission speed on your network. For example if you want gigabtit connections speeds on your LAN then all your equipment needs to built to that standard. Cat 5 cabling only handles 100MGBPS but Cat 5 E handles Gigabit or 1000MBPS.

Maximise Wireless Network Connectivity

It’s important to know that when connecting wirelessly you share the total bandwidth available. For example if you connect at wireless N speeds of 150 MGBPS then your share that capacity with all users. The more users the slower your connection. It’s also possible for any one user to hog the capacity by using high volume applications like skype. We can also extend WI-FI Networks

Ensure the best Network Equipment

Degraded network devices and incorrectly fitted cable plugs will slow down your network often causing complete failure. Excessive Network Collisions will cause network slowdown and this can be a result of bad network setup ,a user transferring a lot of information (skype or torrents), a jabbering network card, or even plugging both ends of the same cable into a router or switch.

Ensure your Computer Security with Firewall Setup

Many Applications use UnPnP to open ports on your routers and firewalls and this can include unauthorised software. It is important to check ports that your software is trying to communicate on. It is important to configure both your hardware (routers) and software (Internet Security) firewalls so that the designated port is open. A lot of desktop software eg (torrents, itunes, skype, games) will attempt to open a port on your hardware router using something called Universal Plug and Play
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Ensure No one Application hogs your Network

The impact of Skype and other bandwidth heavy applications on your network can be mitigated with the use of the right equipment. Increasingly Skype is being used in the Home and SME workplace to reduce communications costs however this places extra load on your overall network capacity due to it’s heavy bandwidth usage. The impact of Skype and other bandwidth heavy applications on your network can be mitigated with the use of the right equipment. QOS or quality of service ensures that no one connection hogs all of your available capacity.

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