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Most users will not understand what Linux is or why they might need it , the assumption is that Windows is the preferred OS but what they do not realise is that there is more than likely a number of devices in their home or office which are already using Linux.  Common devices which will use Linux or a cut down version of it include  modems , routers , CCTV cameras, Video recorders.

Advantages of Linux




One of the pros of Linux is that the Linux kernel is free and it comes under the open source GNU GPL (General Public License) so you can add whatever you want to it to create a custom configuration. It’s possible to download just about every Linux distribution. For example you can download a form of the Linux kernel with a few add-ons, that is fully functional, out of the box, without cost. Add-ons such as the paid services for Ubuntu, and Red Hat Enterprise, may cost you.

Open Source

Linux is an operating system which is of open source base. Which means that the code is free to modify. Users can easily change the code based on their needs. Thus, you can customize your own personal operating system. However, you will need to have the appropriate programming knowledge.

High stability

The Linux system is very stable and is not prone to crashes. The Linux OS will run as fast as when first installed, even after several years. This cannot be said of the Windows Operating system which tends to degrade over time.

Linux servers have a  high uptime and the availability is around 99.9 per cent. Windows being a far more complicated  operating system has a greater tendency to errors after updates.

. Because  of this, Linux is  the most commonly used server  on the Internet.

Ease of maintenance

Maintaining the Linux OS is easy, as the user can centrally update the OS and all software installed very easily.  One of the best features of Linux is that because of it’s monolithic design it is easy to rollback to a previous version should their be a problem with an update.

 Linux has it’s own software database, which allows updates to  the system .. They offer regular updates and the system can be updated without rebooting it. The updating can be done periodically, with just a few clicks, or users can even automate the updating process. Updating a Windows system is not so easy compared to a Linux system.due it’s more complicated modular design.

Runs on any hardware

Linux is also less resource intensive than Windows. The installation process allows users to adjust for for the available hardware.  Windows tends to have a one size fits all approach whereas the Linux install  procedure is configurable to your needs , and allows users to choose the modules they want to install. This allows them to install Linux even on old hardware, thus helping in optimal use of all the hardware resources.

New versions of Windows on the other hand invariably demand an upgrade in hardware.

Linux runs on a range of hardware, right from supercomputers to watches. You can give new life to your old and slow Windows system by installing a lightweight Linux system, or even run a NAS or media streamer using a particular distribution of Linux. There are also lightweight desktops like Xfce and LXDE which can run on lower-end PCs.

Ease of use

It use to be that before GUI interfaces were refined for Linux you needed to spend a lot of time at the command line interface . The GUI has developed to the extent that most of what typical users want can be done on Linux, as easily as it is done in Windows, without knowing any commands.

In case you are using some applications which run only on Windows, you can install Wine (Windows Emulator), using which you can run those applications on a Linux system.


High security

When it comes to security, Linux users are at a decided advantage over their Windows- or Mac- using counterparts. Unlike proprietary OSes, Linux in many ways has security built into its core design. The increasingly popular open-source OS is high flexibility, configurable and diverse. It also implements a strict user privilege model and offers a selection of built-in kernel security defenses to safeguard against vulnerabilities and attacks. The transparency of Linux source code means that vulnerabilities in it – which are inevitable to some degree in any OS – are almost always short-lived. Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors and how it contributes to the heralded security of Linux.

Common SOHO Needs


File Server

Put simply, a server is a computer that provides (or “serves up”) data to other smaller computers (such as those laptops and desktops) in a network. Servers usually store large amounts of data that multiple people in a company use. Read a deep dive on servers here.


VPV Remote Access

VPN connection establishes a secure connection between you and the internet. Via the VPN, all your data traffic is routed through an encrypted virtual tunnel. This disguises your IP address when you use the internet, making its location invisible to everyone. A VPN connection is also secure against external attacks.

Backup Server

Web Server

Installing , configuring and maintaining Linux servers does require specialised knowledge which is why you will need an IT guy an IT guy who knows his stuff.


We provide a wide range of Linux Services which can be found at included link.

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