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Repairing your MacBook is necessary if you own one. Learn how to fix the most common issues!

macbook repairs

Since their initial release in 2006, MacBooks have made significant advancements. However, even with their numerous advantages, they are not entirely immune to issues. Whether you have owned your MacBook since the early 2000s (as they have a long lifespan) or recently acquired one, it is crucial to maintain its condition. Fortunately, there are repair options for Apple MacBooks, so resist the urge to toss yours out the window just yet. Continue reading for tips on addressing six prevalent MacBook problems.

Performance is slow

Slow and sluggish performance is one of the most common MacBook repair problems. It is not ideal when you need to use your laptop, and it can affect any Mac, even the latest.

Slow loading speeds, response times, and intermittent freezing of the screen are some signs of a slow system. You might also see a blank screen or the menacing rainbow wheel.

Solutions for MacBook repair

Usually, a slow MacBook performance is caused by outdated software, full storage, too many temporary files, or a busy desktop. Try clearing your desktop or clicking ‘View’ then ‘Sort By’.

By clicking ‘About this Mac’ and then ‘Storage’, you can check the amount of storage space on your Mac. Make sure you remove any applications, files, or junk data that you no longer need.

Many users are unaware of how much space certain applications consume. It is also possible for browsers like Google Chrome to temporarily take up space, so keep an eye out for sluggish performance when using certain applications. Switch browsers, clear your browsing history, or use private mode to see if performance improves.

In the left-top corner of your screen, click the Apple logo to see if any macOS updates are available.

The MacBook display flickers

Flickering MacBook displays are one of the most alarming problems. They can also look like a loss of resolution or dimming.

If the screen appears fine, start MacBook repair by checking for physical damage.


Solutions for MacBook repair

Try restarting your MacBook if the screen is still responsive after shutting it down and restarting it.


In addition, you can switch off Automatic Graphics Switching under the Apple Logo by going to System Preferences>Energy Saver, then unchecking Automatic Graphics Switching.

You can also reset your PRAM and SMC, and check for macOS updates.


To identify any specific application issues, you can enter your device in safe mode. Also, disable or remove external browsers such as Firefox, as they have been reported to cause flickering.

Finally if you need macbook screen replacement then contact us.


Problems with batteries

You don’t want your MacBook battery to drain too fast. But don’t ruminate on the good old days when your battery lasted for hours, perhaps even days.


Solutions for MacBook repair


If your battery health is normal, move on to the next step. If it says service or replacement recommended, then it’s time to take it to a local Apple MacBook Repair shop.


When it comes to maximizing battery life, you can take steps such as not running too many applications or tabs at once, reducing screen brightness, and reducing screen motion, under System Preferences>Accessibility>Display.

mac repairs
  1. MacBook won’t charge

Start by checking the basics. Check the plug socket and the charger. Inspect the cable and try another MacBook charger for the same model, if you have one.

Solutions for Apple MacBook repairs

If your Mac is still charging, check the battery health and update software. If you are still having problems, reset the PRAM and SMC settings. You can also buy another official charger and clean the charge port. If your macbook battery needs replacing see here.


The Kernel Panic Screen


The infamous Kernel panic screen can indicate faulty or damaged hardware. Try these MacBook repair steps first or seek professional assistance.


Solutions for repairing MacBook screens

Switch to Safe Mode and remove any problematic applications. Shut down your device and remove any connected hardware, then reconnect them one by one to identify the problem.  See here for more on Mac Kernel Panic.


Issues related to shutdown


The Mac may be refusing to shut down because an application has frozen. In some cases, you can still control the screen with the keyboard.


Solutions for repairs


You can force restart the Mac by shutting down and rebooting after a few seconds. Force-quit any frozen applications using the Force Quit Utility.


Run Apple Diagnostics and check for updates. Rebooting in Safe Mode can also help identify the shutdown issue if it happens frequently. You can also try resetting the PRAM and SMC.

Nearby MacBook Repair

When your MacBook has a problem, don’t panic. Most of the time, there is a solution and it will be working again in no time. However, there will come a time when you need to seek professional technical assistance.


Perth Computer Repairs is here to help if you need MacBook or MacBook Pro repair near me in Perth. Contact us today to discuss your MacBook issue.

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Daniel G
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Pancho Villa
I had my sons MAC book repaired by Digby. Digby was very thorough and professional in his approach and communication. He quoted a fair price and undertook the repairs on time. I would highly recommend.
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Andrew Bruce
Digby provided a high quality service in uograge my computer after backing up and reinstalling my data, folders and files. He met his time and cost quotes and the machine is fully up and operational. I cannot praise digby'd service too highly.
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Almas Nurlybekuly
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Greg Reid
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Virginie Chetty
Digby sourced and setup my new laptop exactly to my needs so that I can remotely access my work computer.
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Dianne Casella
Digby was efficient, thorough and very helpful in moving me forward with my computer concerns. I am very grateful to have been able to utilise Perth Computer Repairs.
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Eric Brain
Good value repair of my son's pc. Would recommend.
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