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The regular service and maintenance of your PC, Laptop or computer can not only breath new life into your ageing device but can help safeguard against catastrophic failure. We can perform the following checks to help make your day more productive.



Check Memory Usage

To check memory usage on Windows 10 run Task Manager by press the CTRL-ALT-DEL keys simultaneously. It is a good idea to be using no more 50% of RAM when windows is idle.


Check Power Supply

The power supply delivers 12 , 5 and 3.3 volts to the PC motherboard , cpu, drives and graphics.

Again it is a good idea to be running your PC at half the total power capacity of the PSU. The image below indicates that the unit needs replacing.

Computer Repairs power supply

Check CPU and Graphics card temps.

If these devices are overheating this will affect overall PC performance and decrease the lifespan of PC components. It is also to check all fans are operating properly.

Computer repairs overheating


ChecK CPU usage poor pc performance may be due to and under powered cpu or rogue processes hogging cpu time

computer repairs Task Manager

Hard Drive Health

SMART  hard drives record errors that have occurred during operation and will indicate if the drive is failing

windows computer repairs

Hard Drive Health

  • CHECK FILESYTEM errors can accumulate and these should be checked and repaired.
  • CHECK Disk Usage
  • DEFRAG HARD DRIVE – laying all files in a  contiguous fashion will improve performance
  • This should not be performed on solid state drives.
  • Delete unnecessary files.

Virus  Check

  • ADWCLEANER removes malaware

Internet Speed

There are many Sync services  such as email, drive sync and cloud programs which can absorb your bandwidth and  give the appearance your pc or laptop is slow.



  • REMOVE unwanted PROGRAMS
  • REMOVE  unwanted programs from running when your computer starts
  • REMOVE  unwanted TASKS
  • Clean Defrag Registry  The Windows Registry stores much of the information and settings for software programs, hardware devices, user preferences, and operating-system configurations in a database.
  • Disable unwanted Services
remove unnecesary services computer repairs

PC Health

SFC The System File Checker (SFC) is a built-in Windows repair tool that scans your computer for corrupted Windows system files and attempts to restore any that it finds.

DISM DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth performs a similar job the SFC command


CHECK MINIDUMPS  check update integrity